Please read the FAQ. Here we outline how to use the mock exam system, vouchers and time constraints.


Access Exams

To access and complete a Waypoints Mock Exam you must:

  1. Click on "Start My Exams" on the Home Page or on "Mock Exams" in the top drop down menu.
  2. Click on the subject you wish to sit a mock (practice) exam in.
  3. Enter your Voucher Code.
  4. Click on "Start Exam Session Now".

To purchase vouchers you must:

  1. Go to "Buy Vouchers" in the menu.
  2. Enter the number of vouchers of a particular type that you require.
  3. Enter the email address you want the voucher code numbers to be sent to.
  4. Click on "Order Vouchers Now".
  5. Follow the online payment instructions.

If you enter a wrong email address when you purchase vouchers your order will be lost.

The system can NOT re-issue voucher numbers if they are sent to the wrong email address.

So be very careful when you enter the email address you want your voucher number to be sent to!

The exam will terminate and you will lose the exam.  The voucher will not be able to be used again.  So, please, ensure you have a robust and secure internet connection.  We are exploring ways to improve this aspect of our system, but it may take some time.

No.  Each voucher entitles you to sit only one mock exam.  If you wish to sit more mock exams you must purchase more vouchers.

Possibly.  The system has been designed to avoid selecting the same questions if you undertake repeat sittings, unless of course we run out of questions to choose from!  However, we have received feedback that this aspect of the system is not functioning 100%, so you may see a few repeats.

If you lose your internet connection during your mock exam session, the session will terminate prematurely, and you will need another voucher to continue.  Therefore ensure you have a reliable internet connection before you begin your mock exam.

No.  Vouchers for Mock Exams never expire.   They remain valid until used to access a Mock Exam. 

No.   Vouchers are NOT refundable.   However they are transferable, so you can give/sell unused vouchers to others.

Yes.   You are free to give/sell unused vouchers to anyone you want to.

You do not need to inform Waypoints.

Green indicates that you have entered an answer to that question.

Black indicates the question number you are currently considering.

Red indicates a question you have marked for further attention.  You should go back to all red coloured questions and enter an answer before completing the exam.

Yes.   You can pause your Mock Exam session as many times as you wish during your exam, however the total cumulative pause time is 120 minutes.

Click on the "Pause" button.   This stops the exam clock and starts the 120 minute pause timer.

When you indicate that you have finished your exam the system automatically marks the exam and displays your result.

The system also displays each question item you answered wrong, showing the question, the answer you selected and the correct answer.

The system also shows the syllabus and study reference for each question item answered wrong.

We welcome your feedback on question items.

If you think a question could be clarified or otherwise improved, please tell us.

Please enter the details of your feedback against the particular question item.

As long as you do not close your browser your exam session should still be running when you log back in.

Logging out does not stop the exam timer.

That said, you should plan your practice exam sessions so that you are not likely to be disturbed.