Waypoints Mock Exams

The Waypoints Online Mock Exams are multi-choice practice exams,
styled on the real CAA/ASL final examinations.


Ensure you have a reliable internet connection before beginning your mock exam.  If your internet connection is interrupted your exam will terminate prematurely and you will need another voucher to continue.


CAA/ASL style mock (practice) exams are available for all PPL(A) and PPL(H) subjects, CPL(A) Air Law and Principles of Flight and Performance, BTK and ATPL(A) Air Law, Instruments and Navaids, Flight Planning and Human Factors.

More subjects are being progressively developed.


Each mock exam you sit is unique, as it is made up of a set number of multi-choice questions generated randomly from a large master question bank, covering the full syllabus of each subject.

Each voucher entitles you to one mock exam sitting.  If you wish to sit another exam you must purchase another voucher.

If you sit the same exam subject again, the system will not select the same questions, unless of course we run out of questions to choose from!  And we are expanding the question banks all the time.


The programme will allocate an appropriate number of questions across the range of sections of the syllabus.

Practice question items are similar to the type of questions you may get in the real examinations.

Each multi-choice item comes with a syllabus and study reference.

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